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MORENA Old Age Home for Elderly People

...We are with them, so that you have a peaceful sleep

About Old Age Home for Elderly People Morena

              Our Home – an Old Age Home for Elderly People Morena – is 13 years old now. We are one of the first private homes for elderly people, which knows how to care for the elderly. Our main motto is quality care for elderly people and we know how to do it. At our Home Morena is provided emotional support and friendly treatment to each resident in the house. An elderly person remains satisfied not only with the personal touch and the physical care, but above all – mentally. For us the social contact and the communication between our patients and us are essential. They are always in the focus of attention and feel like at home – warm and cozy.

              The Old Age Home Morena has only 20 places, however that makes the care for its residents more full-bodied and better. The movement and the good coordination, alongside the opportunity for self-service, are among the most important things for an elderly person to feel comfortable. Therefore, Morena applies personalized programs and procedures for its individual patients, including rehabilitation through massages, exercise and remedial gymnastics. The opportunity for walks and movement outdoors, and more importantly, in the fresh air, are among the competitive advantages of the Old Age Home. Located at the foot of Vitosha, the natural circumstances allow for relaxation in nature and the garden with its trees give additional comfort for others. Although almost in the mountain, the Old Age Home Morena has central heating and winters at the Home are no problem for its residents. The rooms have a separate toilet and bathroom, telephone and cable TV.

             Besides adequate movement, the daily walks are a must – the elderly need activities and social life. They need care in the psychological meaning of that word, just like kids. And what does that mean? It means access to entertainment in the form of games, television and discussions. The celebration of holidays, being far from home, requires creating a festive atmosphere, to compensate for the gap and to get the full experience. Periodically, Morena invites musical ensembles for concert performances, as art has always been and is the best therapy. The Bishop of the Church of Knyazhevo is a frequent guest at our Home, holding ceremonies for health and lectures.

            Besides the fun and the varied daily program, the elderly should always have medical assistance, if necessary. Medical nurses, a rehabilitator and health care assistants  are always at the disposal of the patients of the Home. If needed, consultations with medical specialists are conducted on an issue. The medical staff of Morena follows strictly the regular intake of the prescribed drugs, checks the blood pressure and sets systems and catheters, where needed.

  • The Home was found
    05 January 2010
  • Number of beds
  • Staff
    8 people

The motto of the Home is ‘We are with them, so that you have a peaceful sleep’. And that is no hollow shell. Just like we need assistance with childcare, while the kids are growing up and acquire skills for independent life, we also need assistance with the care for our closest elderly relatives. There might be various reasons for that, such as engagement, distance, personal relations. Whatever the reasons, however, do not hesitate to entrust your relatives to the professional hands of Morena’s staff. They will be with them, for you to be at peace.


Qualified staff

The main topic at the Home is the high quality of the care for our elderly people. We have highly qualified and skilled staff.

A green garden

The Home has a garden, green lawns and quite a number of trees, generating a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation.


The Old-Age Home Morena has a guestroom for relaxation, where the residents spend most of their time in fun and games.

Healthy food

The residents of the Home are satisfied with the good and plentiful food, served at Morena Home.


The Old Age Home for Elderly People Morena provides to its patients a range of social services:


Rehabilitation of all types of diseases. Return of the habits of self-service and socialization. Conducting personalized procedures and comprehensive programs, kinesitherapy, exercise and remedial gymnastics.

Medical assistance

Non-stop medical monitoring on the health condition, reaction in case of a health problem. Treatment and control in line with the prescriptions given by medical specialists. Specific care for seriously ill and bedridden.


Daily and weekly menu is prepared in accordance with the individual health condition, applying adequate diets. Meals are provided four times a day. Hygiene of the rooms and the residents – bathing, laundry, hairdresser and barber. Walks with a companion.

Rest and relaxation

The Old Age Home is located at the foot of Vitosha, in Knyajevo neighbourhood. The venue is quiet and calm, no noise. The air is very clean. The water comes from the mountain. Contacts with relatives and the family at any time of the day. We celebrate many birthdays and holidays.




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  • A warm and peaceful Christmas in the home of the elderly "Morena"
    A warm and peaceful Christmas in the home of the elderly "Morena"
  • Easter in comfort with friends
    Easter in comfort with friends
  • A concert of Maestro Sasho Dimitrov (The Mandoline) 2
    A concert of Maestro Sasho Dimitrov (The Mandoline) 2
  • Fun and festivities at Morena Home
    Fun and festivities at Morena Home
  • A concert of Maestro Sasho Dimitrov (The Mandoline)
    A concert of Maestro Sasho Dimitrov (The Mandoline)
  • The conditions at the Home. Comfort and coziness.
    The conditions at the Home. Comfort and coziness.
  • Концерт на ансамбл "Звук на тишината"
    Концерт на ансамбл "Звук на тишината"
  • Our garden – always green and lovely
    Our garden – always green and lovely


Donation awakens the brightest forces of the human soul. It is the same with the assistance (donation), received by a weaker person. What shall a weak person do? Thanking sincerely and warmly, the person produces sublime energy for the donor. In that case, the donor receives invaluable force for his/her life and an incentive for vitality, efficiency and health. No self-interest, no envy or bad feelings. Both the donor and the beneficiary cherish in their hearts Love and Gratitude. Appreciate those intimate moments of one’s life.

The Old Age Home for Elderly People Morena accepts with deep gratitude and appreciation all your trust and support. Wholehearted thanks to each donor of funds that will be used for the needs and to attain better life for the residents in the Old Age Home Morena. Donors shall be informed that they can benefit from tax relief in accordance with the Law on Income Tax of Individuals and Legal Entities. We also provide a certificate of donation.

Bank: DSK Bank
Account holder: Morena-V.N. Foundation
IBAN: BG28STSA93000020319922



  • Telephone
    02/857 02 89
  • GSM
    0899/005 440, 0878/966 767
  • e-mail
  • Address
    Knyajevo neighbourhood, 21, Moreni Str., Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Fax
    02/857 02 89



What are the terms for accommodation of elderly people?
It is a 3-storey house with an internal staircase. The rooms have WC and a shower. There is a ground floor, where the residents gather and make social contacts.
Do they walk?
Necessarily, accompanied by staff of the Home.
What documents are needed for placement?
Copies of the ID Card, the epicrisis or a confirmed diagnosis with respective therapy.
What items are needed for accommodation at Morena Home?
Seasonal clothes for day and night, personal underwear, slippers, toiletries for personal needs.
What kind of elderly can be accommodated at Morena Home?
Depending on their physical and health condition, aged people may be classified as:

  • self-helping
  • people, moving with staff assistance and needing additional help and services
  • bedridden people, needing attendance on the spot, with respective medical treatment, as prescribed

Each newcomer receives an individual plan of service, treatment and rehabilitation, according to the category.



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