What are the terms for accommodation of elderly people?
It is a 3-storey house with an internal staircase. The rooms have WC and a shower. There is a ground floor, where the residents gather and make social contacts.
Do they walk?
Necessarily, accompanied by staff of the Home.
What documents are needed for placement?
Copies of the ID Card, the epicrisis or a confirmed diagnosis with respective therapy.
What items are needed for accommodation at Morena Home?
Seasonal clothes for day and night, personal underwear, slippers, toiletries for personal needs.
What kind of elderly can be accommodated at Morena Home?
Depending on their physical and health condition, aged people may be classified as:

  • self-helping
  • people, moving with staff assistance and needing additional help and services
  • bedridden people, needing attendance on the spot, with respective medical treatment, as prescribed

Each newcomer receives an individual plan of service, treatment and rehabilitation, according to the category.



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