The Old Age Home for Elderly People Morena provides to its patients a range of social services:


Rehabilitation of all types of diseases. Return of the habits of self-service and socialization. Conducting personalized procedures and comprehensive programs, kinesitherapy, exercise and remedial gymnastics.

Medical assistance

Non-stop medical monitoring on the health condition, reaction in case of a health problem. Treatment and control in line with the prescriptions given by medical specialists. Specific care for seriously ill and bedridden.


Daily and weekly menu is prepared in accordance with the individual health condition, applying adequate diets. Meals are provided four times a day. Hygiene of the rooms and the residents – bathing, laundry, hairdresser and barber. Walks with a companion.

Rest and relaxation

The Old Age Home is located at the foot of Vitosha, in Knyajevo neighbourhood. The venue is quiet and calm, no noise. The air is very clean. The water comes from the mountain. Contacts with relatives and the family at any time of the day. We celebrate many birthdays and holidays.



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